Glen Echo

by Diplopia

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MSR 007


released October 18, 2013

Performed by Anastasia Beliakova and Evan Dibbs
Music and lyrics written by Evan Dibbs

Additional Musicians include:
John Kadian- Piano, Accordion
Dan Aleman- Clarinet
Tim Erbach- Bass (Grandpa)

Special thanks to Rod Shepard, Tim Erbach, and Dan Aleman who lent their ears and advice when it was most needed.

Mixed and Engineered by Evan Dibbs
Additional engineering by Tim Erbach

Dedicated to everyone back home, where home still remains.




Mulberry Sound Recordings New Jersey

Mulberry Sound was founded by Marcel Rudin of Morus Alba and Timothy Erbach of Perennial Reel as a communal outlet and showcase for the music of Hudson County. The scene - eclectic, precocious, incestuous, prolific - exists as a multitude of bands, solo artists, and fleeting projects with fluid borders where collaboration and cross-pollination are king. ... more

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Track Name: Unbending
Sun dried, I was floating
Buoyant in two minds
Mirrored back a broken
Splits through my tunneling nerves

Karyn's sunk in honey
Throwing her kitchen out the door
All this around her brewing
Send utter rain from heaving on your chest

I'm eating all the strawberry seeds
Cause I'm addicted to this computer screen
In Piedmont the porch rots and I know what I'm not
As you perfume still lingers over me

Fixed but still fixing every tangle
That's ever come to mangle
All things in contour lines
Unbending back into frame
Track Name: Cuyahoga
She plays her hair, she plays her heel
Tripping on this unfurling reel
You slip and I'm pulled into a crying current
But being swept is a lovely deterrent

I would work in you vacant eyeshadow
Block off the light and blind my marrow
And the remedy in the melody
That skips in the rippling nothing

Carnival, carnival
Sleeping glass, Tree in clubhouse
What a spin I'm in

In the summer, my soul blossomed
By the river and the pier that wrought
So I hum to my hammock and the sweet aroma
How I fell for the falls of Cuyahoga
Track Name: Grandpa
The wind was a theremin in late march
And we both wavered out of seasons and feelings and creeds
Some tapered, but I usually fell into reason

Every floor that shines and gleams
Sheds its sheen and goes unseen in my eyes
That's if I cower from how he wants things to be

You'd pay yourself with cigarettes
The epileptic dialect in showers from their necks
Hum a lullaby from the breath inside the smoke

I'd dress like a juggler for the circus mirrors
Here, in breadth, it holds no place
But still it's enough to digest and swallow you down
And run from your hands
But it's ok, yes it's alright
My little fence that surrounds
My watering can as it feeds
And helps it grow up through my feet
And through my soul as it breathes
And sheds my shell, opens wide
For sweet and bitter to run from my tongue
And drip away from bleeding trees
The barley brains down Boston Mills
Watching from my windowed porch
It goes by
Track Name: Camera Man
It pits a place in my nerves and lingers in my head
Hung cap and a steering wheel
Oh I ate my beard at the thought of all that

He was seen yesterday on the morning's porch
Before her window did fall
I slept in the sheets, stretching my palms

And I'd breathe my heat
And ditch my socks
Pay the day and lay beside your camera man

Dipped in the sunny glaze, I looked through that old lens
Hearing that neighborhood sigh
Between the places under two different skies

She left the easel lit when my moon split
And lays in a doll house
If you made me a maze could I keep still?
So you could breathe your heat
And ditch your socks
Pay the day and lay beside your camera man
Track Name: Sap of Honey
My new room, augmented in the pouring light time to go river you are sips of lemon and you thaw cups of sun, seeds, straws.
My new room, augmented in the pouring light time to go river you are sap honey and you thaw cup of sun, seeds, straws.