The Grass Flawless; Everything Flawless

by Din Strange Dresses

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All music written, performed, recorded and produced by Timothy Erbach

Album Art, as always, by John Erbach.

Thanks to Dan Aleman and Evan Dibbs for their friendship and fresh ears.
Special thanks to Adam Mathieu for lending us his carpet.


released March 15, 2014




Mulberry Sound Recordings New Jersey

Mulberry Sound was founded by Marcel Rudin of Morus Alba and Timothy Erbach of Perennial Reel as a communal outlet and showcase for the music of Hudson County. The scene - eclectic, precocious, incestuous, prolific - exists as a multitude of bands, solo artists, and fleeting projects with fluid borders where collaboration and cross-pollination are king. ... more

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Track Name: Ceramic, Upward
Last time they bloomed
chirring from the Rhododendrons
Have you been to the water?
When were you last?
May, I pray my days grow back?

Spring send my way
these things so strange to me
Would memory be so merciful
and afford me a dappled mind,
on the damp and muffled leaves?
The soil breathing, resplendent
Track Name: Azalea
Last time they bloomed
chirring from the Rhododendrons
Track Name: A Great Lung in Motion
The trees just bloom all by themselves
we need turn nothing on
all is breathless
Shall we all be breathless?

A day which passes on it’s own
strong, unhurried,and unhushed
they grow unworried and alone
embrace a steady solar pace

I believe in the persistent mystery
of the Americas
and that this life is a mercy from nothingness
and that the grass is everything
and everything is flawless
Track Name: Bioluminescence
This tree is electric
this tree is on fire
this tree is electric
Track Name: Rain
The heat broke
the other day
when it rained

Intimate as lethargic May rain
before steaming and swollen
the air rearranges

Splendid tapestry
simple ornaments
a span of minutes
Track Name: Azalea Bush / Many Azaleas
Pouring outward from a point
to form a sheet of tactile cries
a slate of shivering denim
hung loosely
over bare thighs

Daze above the grey sink
caked in paint, acrylic greys
pallid white, persimmon tint
What are these?
A fleeting gaze

Azalea, many Azaleas
Track Name: Sing O Glory
With lips never jaded
love another
sing O glory
gracious god
gracious song
Track Name: White Noise / Embryo
Discover the nature
of white noise

A flit of sunlight
to set in motion
all other sound

the passion of gravity and limpness
in the passing of a husk;
the slow determined shatter of seed coat

As a fit within an egg
and a moment before birth
It is a wakeful chant
Track Name: Shattered Axis
of my ideals
of a blue youth
of friends, aloud

Of a dear friend
tongues of alcohol
on his hair

Upon the back
of old company
just as a building topples
in laughing tremors

The brick is on the stove
and I've been constructing things in my parents’ house
a cloud of purple and blue
which takes in no light
and offers no iridescence
it is precise
and it's knuckles are laden with rings
it is encrusted and splendid

There is something around the septum
which seems to bear
all things against
in a bright light
in a single bright
there are threads
where will the the cats live
when the tiles rise?
Track Name: Imaginations of a Field Accelerated
Scream, shaking
she, heightened beside him
her skin moving
sweat on her arm and back
and her leg, vibrating at a divine frequency

A field to the right.
and they continued to walk in a shudder

a pain sincere
and destructive to breath
jaws hung loosely
gripping both with equal strength
and firmness
she felt sure and well-gripped
and he felt an inequality insidious
Track Name: A Good Wane / Prayer for a Swift End
The strip
in fading shades
of silicon waning
yellow moon
the tides retreat

The foam,
it seeths,
it rolls along the beach
reflections in
the darkened sea

Could our cloud rise
a self-destructing sin?
Could we turn messiah
and turn extinct
and leave in peace
a sylvan world?