First Winter New York

by Din Strange Dresses

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MSR010 (Remaster Reissue)

Thanks to Evan Dibbs and Adam Agarrat for so graciously lending me equipment, to Frankie Cosmos for the inspiration to become insatiable and to my brother, John Erbach, for this album's artwork.

Dedicated to you Lady; source of my warmth and winter.


released February 11, 2014

All tracks written, recorded, and produced by Timothy Erbach.




Mulberry Sound Recordings New Jersey

Mulberry Sound was founded by Marcel Rudin of Morus Alba and Timothy Erbach of Perennial Reel as a communal outlet and showcase for the music of Hudson County. The scene - eclectic, precocious, incestuous, prolific - exists as a multitude of bands, solo artists, and fleeting projects with fluid borders where collaboration and cross-pollination are king. ... more

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Track Name: Pacific
The hollows of my neck
as my throat rises
my lungs saw it
radiant thaw
pacific awe

The dryness of my skin
the snow comes crashing down
flurry of horns
pale light
quiet fury
Track Name: Rib
Every sunning tunnel calls me back
reflection against the frame of flashing frames
of the B train's silent stream through the quiet window black

Written on the broken rib from which this stems
the arid search for empathy
free waters of the green east river flowing, glassy eyeline, dancing bridge, iron arcing skeleton

Whisper to myself the words I'd like to say to someone
shave my head and show my whispering ears to hear that no one knows
oh darling, love like yours could split an atom in an instant
unleash into the earth your lovely things that seem to glisten
I cant help but think the time it takes to search for someone whole
will leave you writhing left in pieces, another turn in a terrible cycle, screaming
blue and blue and lose your mind to see the winds all moving
in any single color over every single thing
I've been wanting some maternal, think I've found it in my mother
and the pages keep on coming, from the ages of my father
and every fold of life I know the kid will go uncover
and the bench ablaze as well, by every ray of a beautiful lover
I miss the running round the table, the bounding sprint of a tiny body
and every burden that I’ve borne, the shoeless wandering apology

My fingers to tumble
turn over your sighs
parallel divisions
like carousel circles
it all comes back flashing
the ebb at my heels
the spring and the warmth
and the bittersweet sheen
wretched addiction
tattoos to consume
all across my rib
all over my skin
Track Name: Stirring Eyelids
Most beautiful thing
it is the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen
Track Name: Scrawl Egyptian Purple
Spent my nights dancing smiling spinning circles
with your smile barely clinging to the afternoons of purple
Egyptian scenes you've scrawled across me
and evenings you've colored with spoonfuls of mercury

Mellow tone of pigeon wing, the windowsill
the shifting winds come in voices and the night comes slower still
pigeon song invades the simple darkened room
like the old brass bed, I know there's something looming

Red skies at noon
the luminous blue
tides of the moon
Track Name: At the End or the Beginning of Something
She was fiction

After returning to my every dark place
after squandering new beginnings
I will have this one fresh chance
before I cannot begin again

The issue so trite in scope
so magnifies your face
that I cannot fathom any continuing thing
but I feel I skirt something at such a rate
that I could render myself unable to feel
forget this, forever, for real

And it ran along my arm
and I wondered at the quivering line it made
my skin, it reeks of a lonely aroma
my reflection beneath the phantom blade

A first true cold

Here's to the hearts and the hands of the men
that come with the dust and are gone with the wind
Track Name: Tangle #1
I want to intwine myself
I want your hair entangled in my teeth
across my ears, you kisses to beat against my temple
I want your voice in my lungs, infused with my ear
my every breath captured through your lips
I want to love you like I want to trim dispassion from my chest
Track Name: I Can't See You on Ritalin
Resonant mouth
of deep honey trickling
of sugar so sickening
stares wild in rings
of dark coffee cooled
as often you need
some radio soul
so dull in desire
so wakeful and good
to brighten your hands
and loosen your wrists
I'll listen your lips
crisp and exploding
at the drum of my ear

Tearing to justify
my blindness forced
I hope you don't mind
if I let me leave
cause now you’re on Ritalin
and I think I can't watch
and I think that I should

And I've heard cocaine is king
but it doesn't want to look at me
like the plastic sheen
the glaze of amphetamine
I'll stare at poppies pressed and framed
the lonely letters of your name arranged

I've noticed patterns
and paradises springing
Track Name: Magnifying Glass
Oscillating man
says pull from all places

What I need
magnifying glass
to focus flame on paper
to go to my hand

Be it vomit
or blood
or bird song